Technical specifications

Appendix № 2

to the Regulations on the procedure of competitive

selection of creative works for the issuance of

the State signs of postal payment



Specifications for the Contest works


Works in hard copy and in electronic form can take part in the selection of layouts.

1. Specifications for the layouts in hard copy:

1.1. Layouts drawn halftone must be made on paper or cardboard of A4 size in scale 3:1. 

1.2. Height-to-width aspect ratio of picturesque field of layout must be strictly proportional to the ratio of picturesque field of the SSPP in accordance with its format.

1.3. When you create a layout it is recommended to consider the color gamut of the four color process printing. It is not allowed to use fluorescent or metallic paints.

1.4. Photographic or printer prints in full-size of the SSPP must be attached to the layouts as artwork.

2. Requirements for layouts in electronic form:

2.1. Works can be represented on electronic media or sent via e-mail.

2.2. Color raster image elements should be in CMYK color model.

2.3. Layouts can be done in any graphics editor, but saved in tif (program Adobe Photoshop) or ai (program Adobe Illustrator).

2.4. Each element must be made on a separate layer. It is not allowed to bond layers. The imposition of layers is allowed.

2.5. If the image contains text, it must be transferred to the "curves". In this case, the text will be uneditable, i.e. the way the author intended it. If the text is not translated into "curves", then font files used in the original must be provided with the original file, for the possibility of further editing.

2.6. Images must have a resolution of 600 dpi.