Art Council


editorial and artistic council

of the joint-stock company "Marka"


Nikolai Borovskoy — People's Artist of Russia, honored arts worker of the Russian Federation, executive secretary of the All-Russian non-governmental organization "Union of Russian Artists” (as agreed);

Executive Secretary:

Sergei Ulyanovskiy — Advisor for Creative Operations, Chairman of the Art Council;

Members of the Art Council:

Dmitriy Belyukin - People's Artist of Russia, artist of the Studiya Voyennykh Khudozhnikov Im. M.B. Grekova, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts (as agreed);

Vladimir Beltiukov
– miniature painter, a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (as agreed);

Alexei Fedulov — Honored Artist of Russia, artist of Joint-Stock Company “Goznak”, associate professor of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (as agreed).