Advertising services

Joint-Stock Company "Marka" offers exclusive forms of advertisement

        Being a unique specialized enterprise in Russia, publishing and distributing the state signs of postal payment, Joint-Stock Company "Marka" disposes advertisment on stamped envelopes and distributes them in post offices all over the territory of Russia. You can learn more about this kind of advertising in section «Advertising envelopes»
        More than 100 years JSC "Marka" creates and publishes postage stamps and philatelic production. We offer our clients advertising stamps-vignettes. The vignette is not a sign of postal payment and cannot be used for sending correspondence via post offices, however, it can be an exclusive business souvenir for you and your clients in addition to elements of corporate identity. Samples of vignettes are presented in "Vignettes" section.
        In addition to vignette JSC "Marka" offers you exclusive business souvenirs: souvenir frames of any format with a baguette of different textures, folders and booklets in your corporate style, VIP-cases. Samples of business souvenirs that we produce you can find in section «Souvenir production».
             JSC "Marka" performs multiple orders for publishing unstamped envelopes. The established links with leading specialized printing houses of Russia allows us to satisfy in short time requests of any level in publishing envelopes. We offer our clients unstamped envelopes greeting cards and invitations with elements of your corporate identity. You can read about production of unstamped envelopes, cards and invitations in section «Corporate cards and envelopes».
           JSC "Marka" conducts memorable cancellation ceremonies of postage stamps and stamped envelopes with the participation of well-known public and state leaders. In advertising purposes we can organize memorable cancellation ceremony of advertising production (vignettes) by a souvenir cancellation mark or prepare everything for your corporate presentation.      

        Concerning the organization of memorable cancellation ceremonies, disposing advertisement on stamped envelopes and producing of corporate and business souvenirs you can contact the Department of international cooperation and development of philately of JSC “Marka” by phone +7(499) 254-61-49 or e-mail