Contest Regulation

Regulations on the procedure of competitive selection of creative works for the issuance of the State signs of postal payment


1. General Provisions

1.1. Joint-Stock Company "Marka" is responsible for organizing and conducting the Contest.

1.2. The Contest is held among professional artists and designers who are able to display the specified subjects in a miniature painting. Staffers of the JSC "Marka" staff can participate in the competition on a common basis.

1.3. This Regulations of the Contest on the creation of the State signs of postal payment (hereinafter - Regulations) define the procedure of competitive selection and regulates the questions which arise during the Contest.


2. Aims and objectives of the Contest

2.1. Enhancing the artistic level of the State signs of postal payment.

2.2. Meeting the requirements of the population for the State signs of postal payment.


3. Contest Committee

3.1. The Contest Committee consists of artists with a wide experience in creation of postal miniatures, as well as the recognized masters of painting and graphic art, authoritative members of the art community of the Russian Federation.

3.2. Members of the Contest Committee are adopted by the Decree of the Director General of Joint-Stock Company "Marka". Chairman and Secretary of the Committee are elected at the first meeting.

3.3. The functions of the Contest Committee includes:

- estimation of the received layouts and selection of finalists;

- selection of the winner;

3.4. Meetings of the Contest Committee are held as and when necessary, but at least 1 (once) every 3 (three) months. Protocol which is certificated by the Chairman of the Contest Committee and approved by the Chief Editor of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" is made following the results of the meeting.

3.5. Meetings of the Contest Committee are held in praesentia and absentia form. During the meeting in absentia form communication between participants is carried out through any available means of communication (phone, email, delivery service). The Secretary of the Committee coordinates the work.

4. Conditions of the Contest 

4.1. The Contest will be held in two stages:

- Preliminary round – estimation of the received application forms and designs, selection of finalists.

- Final – estimation of the artworks, selection of the winner.  

4.2. Authors who send application forms and designs which meet all the conditions of the contest become participants of the contest:

- Application form must be filled in as stated in the Appendix № 1;

- Designs must meet all the requirements listed in the Appendix № 2. 

4.3. Authors of the designs, which correspond to the subject of the post miniature, fully reveal the subject and have a high artistic level become finalists of the Contest. Finalists are determined by the Contest Committee. Not more than 3 (three) people can be chosen as finalists.  

4.4. The winner of the Contest is author of the design chosen for the issuance of postage stamp or souvenir sheet. 

4.5. Participants whose designs were selected to participate in the final, are eligible:

- to sign an agreement on the creation of artwork based on the own layout and transfer of exclusive rights to the final product to JSC "Marka";

- to prepare artwork for participation in the final;

- to receive a fee for prepared artwork. 

4.6. Amount of the fee is determined according to the rate of royalties and the fee schedule for this type of production in the prescribed manner. 

Artwork of the winner is estimated by the Evaluation Committee of Joint-Stock Company "Marka" in the prescribed manner, artworks of other finalists - at a rate of 25% of the average fee rate for this type of production. 

4.7. Contest takes place when the Contest Committee chooses at least one (1) design to participate in the final. 

4.8. Application forms and designs that do not meet all the requirements of the Contest will not be accepted. Designs will not be reviewed and returned. 

4.9. Decisions of the Evaluation Committee are final and are not a subject to revision.

5. Procedure for holding the Contest

5.1. Official announcement about the Contest is posted on the web-site of FSUE PTC "Marka". The announcement contains the conditions of the Contest, the list of tasks of the Contest as well as requirements for the application forms, designs and artworks.

5.2. Authors send their application forms and designs at the address: 4/6 bld. 9 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street, Moscow, 123242, Russia or by e-mail:, with the remark “Contest”.

5.3. Deadline for sending layouts - no later than 7 months before the date specified in the annual plan of issue of postage stamps.

5.4. Summarizing the results of the first stage and selection of finalists are held not later than 14 working days after the reception of the designs.

5.5. Designs are estimated by the following criteria:

- Conformity to the declared form of issue;

- Conformity to the declared subject/theme;

- High artistic level of performance;

- Originality of the idea

5.6. Finalists sign contracts on the creation of the artworks, based on the provided designs.

5.7. Contest Committee estimates the received artworks of the finalists and determines the winner.
5.8. Works of the finalists and winners are evaluated and compensated according to the terms of the Contest, the internal regulations of JSC "Marka" and set fee schedule.

5.8. The final outcome of the Contest for each subject is the issuance of the State sign of postal payment based on the artwork of the winner.