№ 2020-036/П. Booklet of stamps "Path to Victory"

Artist-designer (stamps) – Uliyanovskiy S.
Artist-designer (design) – Miloradova M.

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The Great Patriotic War, which broke out on June 22, 1941, and went on for four years, was the most sanguinary in the history of the Russian state. It claimed the lives of millions of Soviet people, both army men and civilians. For four years, the country brought all its strength and capabilities in only one thing   the victory over treacherous fascist invaders. Thousands and thousands of Soviet soldiers were perishing on the fronts, and civilians were working in the rear in incredibly severe conditions for the sake of victory.

The stamp booklet comprises five postal stamps dedicated to the Vistula-Oder Offensive Operation, the Koenigsberg, the Berlin and the Prague Operations, as well as a labor feat of home front workers, which went into postal circulation in 2020. Besides, the booklet contains souvenir vignette sheets with on-foil embossing.

Paper Printing method The Format of the Booklet Format of the Stamps in the Booklet Perforation of the Stamp Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system 180×100 65×32,5 Frame 11¾ 3000

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