№ 2020-049/П. Booklet of stamps "100 years of foreign intelligence service"

Artist-designer – Betredinova K.
Artist-designer – Miloradova M.

№ 2020-049/П

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The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, which celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2020, is meant to protect the security of an individual, the society and the state from external threats. The Service carries out its activities through the acquisition and processing of intelligence information and rendering of assistance to governmental efforts to ensure the state security.

The stamp booklet contains 8 postal stamps dedicated to the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation and intelligence officers África de las Heras, Z.I. Voskresenskaya-Rybkina, A.N. Botyan, G.A. Vartanyan, V.B. Barkovsky, A.S. Feklisov, A.M. Kozlov, as well as stamps that were put into postal circulation in the period of 2019-2020.

Paper Printing method The Format of the Booklet Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system 135×95 5700

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