№ 2361 . Coats of Arms of the Constituent Entities and Cities of the Russian Federation. Chechen Republic

Artist-designer – Moscovets A.

Souvenir sheet
Ivanovo Oblast

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The Coat of Arms of the Chechen Republic was approved on June 22, 2004. Linear and graphical design of the Coat of Arms is based on a circle on a two-dimensional surface. Colour score comprises four colours: red, yellow, blue and neutral white. The inner part of the white circle depicts the symbol of unity and eternity in the form of the ethnical Chechen ornamental pattern, coloured in red. Stylized mountains, the historic Vainakh Tower and an oil-derrick are coloured in blue. The formula represents a square in a circle. Yellow wheat ears against the blue background symmetrically frame the inner circle symbolizing wealth of the Chechen people. In the upper part, a crescent and a star top the ears coloured in yellow against the blue background. The outer circle depicts a red ornamental pattern of Chechen ethnical style against the yellow background. The outer edge of the Coat of Arms is blue.

The Coat of Arms of Grozny was approved on September 22, 2010. The green field of the gules base having a silver bendlet depicts a mosque of the same metal - which has window and door openings of the same colour as the field, an azure roof and a golden spire on the main dome topped with a crescent having upward cusps - between two pairs of minarets, also silver with azure roofs that have golden finials; on each side one minaret stands close to the mosque, the other at a distance; the mosque and the minarets stand on a silver foundation in the form of three steps, the lowest of which is inscribed on the shield.

The postal stamp depicts the Coat of Arms of Grozny, the fields of the souvenir sheet display the Coat of Arms of the Chechen Republic and the map of the Russian Federation.


Printing method Paper Color Perforation Format of the block Format of the stamp in the block Circulation
Offset + Bronze paste + Partial Lacquering + Security Complex Coated Multicolor Framework 12:12 ½ 90×60 30×42 45000

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