Online store instructions

To check out the order:


1. Add the products you need to the basket and go to it;
2. Check the resulting list and click "Continue";
3. Choose the right delivery method and fill in the data you need;
4. Complete the order by clicking the "Order" button;
5. The exact number of products ordered number is specified in the "number " box.The "Additional Data" field is designed to provide clarifying parameters, is not required to fill out and cannot contain text with additional order;
6. After the order is made, it is necessary to confirm. A JSC Marka's employee will contact you by phone or email. Unconfirmed orders are cancelled after 30 business days from the date of registration.Unconfirmed orders will be canceled after 30 working days from the date of registration.

After confirmation, the order is completed and sent no later than 30 working days from the date of receipt, if the goods are in stock at the time of completion.

The subsequent order is executed after payment of the previous order.

Customers who have not redeemed the order in the future in the online store are not served".

Affordable delivery methods