№ 3087. Natural Heritage of Russia series. 100th Anniversary of the V. Peskov Voronezh State Nature Biosphere Reserve

Design – Korneyeva M.
Artist – Mirzoev Kh.

Souvenir sheet №3087

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The V. Peskov Voronezh State Nature Biosphere Reserve was founded in 1923 to preserve an endangered animal species: the river beaver.

It is located in the Voronezh and Lipetsk Regions, 40 km to the north of the center of Voronezh and on the immediate border with its remote part - the village of Krasnolesny.

The Reserve protects the unique nature of the Usmanskiy Pinewood with its rich flora and fauna, and its geographical location and diversity of biotopic conditions become agents for rich fauna. There are 345 species of recorded vertebrates, including 239 species of birds, 62 species of mammals, 27 species of fish, 9 species of amphibians, 7 species of reptiles, and one species of lamprey. The most common of them are river beaver, European red deer, common marten, chaffinch, robin, tawny owl, gray crane, mallard, pike, redeye, various species of moth butterflies, and European ground beetles.

In 1985, the Voronezh Reserve was granted the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which confirms the international significance of the protected area in achieving the goals of sustainable development.

The postage stamp provides an image of a river beaver as a symbol of the Reserve; the margins of the block feature the neighborhoods of the V. Peskov Voronezh State Nature Biosphere Reserve as well as the European red deer, mallard, and white-tailed eagle that live there.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the block Format of the stamp Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system Frame 11¾ 105 × 110 mm 45 × 45 mm 23 thousand blocks

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