№ 2852-2855. Painters - Moscow

Artist-designer – Savina O.

№ № 2852-2855 квартблок  

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Moscow is the capital of Russia, the largest city in the country in terms of population, a hero city. With its historic buildings, streets and monuments, the city used to attract and is still attracting famous artists from around the world, who picture the city in all its beauty in their paintings.

The postage stamps provide reproductions of the following pictures:
— Kremlin. Sketch (1903) by K.A. Korovin, (Tyumen Museum-Educational Association);
— Nebozvon. Decorative Moscow (1915) by A.V. Lentulov (Yaroslavl Art Museum);
— The Red Square in Moscow (1801) by F.Ya. Alexeev (State Tretyakov Gallery);
— Moscow at Night (1999) by N.I. Borovskoy.


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the Stamp Format of the Kvartblock Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + silver paste + partial varnishing + security system Frame 11¼ 50×50 mm 120×135 mm 40 000

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