№ СН1129. Souvenir pack in cover “300th Anniversary of Perm”



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Perm is the administrative center and a modern city on the borderline between the European and Asian parts of Russia; it is located in front of the Ural Mountains, on the banks of the Kama River. The history of its foundation is related to the beginning of construction of a Yagoshikha copper smelting works by V.N. Tatishchev in 1723. In 1781, by a Decree of Empress Catherine II, the settlement in this area received the status of provincial and the modern name.

Today Perm is a multi-industry, scientific and cultural center. The leading sectors of the city's economy are mechanical engineering, oil and gas processing, electrical power engineering, chemistry and petrochemistry, food manufacturing, woodworking, and printing production. It bears the honorary title of City of Labor Valor.

The postage stamp shows the building of the Perm Museum of Local Lore and the Legend of the Perm Bear sculpture against a background of the panorama of the city of Perm.

The composition of the souvenir pack in cover “300th Anniversary of Perm” is included:
  • stamp №3059 “300th Anniversary of the city of Perm”;
  • stamp №826 “Russia. Regions. Perm Oblast”;
  • FDC with cancellation in Perm “300th Anniversary of the city of Perm”;
  • vignette.


Paper Printing method Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + glossy lamination 550 pcs.

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