№ СН1128. Souvenir pack in cover “Caucasian Mineral Waters”



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The North Caucasus is a cultural and historical region of Russia located on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Range and the Pre-Caucasian region. The region consists of several resort towns and tourism and recreation complexes.

Caucasian Mineral Waters is a group of resorts of federal significance in the Stavropol Territory, a specially protected ecological resort region of the Russian Federation. It is notable for picturesque natural landscapes, mountain healthful climate, and is famous for its enterprises of the sanatorium-and-spa complex in Russia. Their main specialization profile is the provision of medical and health-improving services and treatment with world famous waters and mineral muds.

The postage stamp provides emblems of four spas against the background of a picturesque landscape and a mineral spring.

The composition of the souvenir pack in cover “Caucasian Mineral Waters” is included:
  • stamp №3058 “Resorts of the North Caucasus series. Caucasian Mineral Waters”;
  • FDC with cancellation in Stavropol “Resorts of the North Caucasus series. Caucasian Mineral Waters”;
  • vignette.


Paper Printing method Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + glossy lamination 600 pcs.

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