№ СП997. Contemporary Art of Russia series. 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Artist-designer – Plotnikova E.
Artist-designer – Savina O.

№ СП997

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Oftentimes, the purpose of art is commemoration of and reporting on those events that should never be forgotten by subsequent generations. Front-line artists and sculptors, eyewitnesses and participants in hostilities, can, apart from telling the young generation about their military path and those severe days, visually present images of the war as well. In their works, they reflected things that helped to keep head up: true friendship, rare happiness of hearty meetings, the might and solidarity of Soviet people.

The postal stamps provide images of the following paintings:
To the Frontline (2005), by V.I. Makeev (State Museum of Defense of Noscow);
The Burnt Earth (1957), by B.M. Nemenskyi (State Tretyakov Gallery);
In the Days of the War (2012), by S.P. Tkachev;
— and monument Unnumbered Hill (1968) in the Leningrad Region, by G.D. Yastrebenetskyi, V.G. Kozenyuk, and E.N. Rotanov.

Paper Printing method Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + glossy lamination 200

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