The mARka updated application of stamps with augmented reality has been released

To start working in the updated free mobile application mARka v.2.0 it is necessary to install or update it by pointing the device camera at the QR code.

App Store, Google Play RuStore

After installing and launching the application, follow the on-screen prompts. In order to activate the immage of postage stamp or a souvenir sheet, add it to the My Collection section and upload the products you want to view in the augmented reality mode to your mobile device. Then close the My Collection section and enter into the augmented reality mode, point the camera at the selected article and you will see an animated 3D model and hear a soundtrack.

The application contains a library of postage stamps and souvenir sheets with additional information digital content. The My Collection section will give you a possibility to view all the stamps available for viewing in the AR mode and buy them. The viewed stamps will be seen in the electronic stockbook.

There are currently 48 postage stamps, blocks, and unstamped postcards in the application.

Since 2018, JSC Marka has been implementing a project of issuing souvenir sheets and postage stamps with the augmented reality technology. The application of modern visual technologies makes it possible to go beyond the boundaries of a postal miniature as state valuable postal matter and permits gaining additional thematic and promotional information

The technical aspect of the Project was implemented by EligoVision Ltd. in the AR/VR project builder EV Toolbox using a new built-in functionality, i.e., a flat surface tracking technology.

Minimum technical requirements for user devices

The application is intended for use on mobile user devices (smartphones and tablets) with technical specifications that meet the following requirements and have pre-installed functionality:

- built-in video camera with the scanning rate of min 30 FPS;
- operating system versions: Android 10.0 and higher, iOS 15.0 and higher;
- support for ARCore (for Android-based devices) and ARKit (for iOS-based devices). For a list of ARCore-enabled devices, please, see the link. Updated Google Play services for AR based on Android-controlled devices at link.

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