On June 11, a surcharged stamp and an overprint of a new text and face value on block Coats of Arms of Constituent Entities and Cities of the RF. Republic of Bashkortostan, dedicated to the 450th Anniversary of Ufa was put into postal circulation

Ufa is a city with million-plus population in Russia, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the administrative center of the Ufa District. It ranks among the largest economic, cultural and scientific centers of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya River where the Ufa and Dema Rivers flow into it, at 100 km west of the South Ural Ranges. The population of Ufa at the beginning of 2024 was 1,186,446 people.

The history of Ufa dates back to 1574 to the construction of the Ufa Kremlin. The founder of the fortress was voivode Ivan Nagoy. In 1586, Ufa received the status of a city and became the administrative center of the Ufa Uyezd.

During the Great Patriotic War, industrial enterprises, scientific and educational institutions and people were evacuated to Ufa.

Today, Ufa makes a significant contribution to the Russian economy. The manufacturing industry of the city is based on the production of oil products and petrochemicals, machine building and chemical industry. Ufa is a major transport hub of Russia. There are 8 federal and 1 republican state higher education institutions and 3 branches of federal state higher education institutions. Ufa is the cultural center of Bashkortostan with a lot of theatres, libraries, cinemas, museums, etc.

The postage stamp provides an image of the monument to M. Shaimuratov, the building of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre against the background of the city panorama.

Design Artist: I. Ulyanovsky.
Face value: 50 rubles.
Stamp size: 42×30 mm, sheet size: 146×174 mm.
Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins with 15 (3×5) stamps.
Quantity: 90 thousand stamps (6 thousand sheets).

The postage stamp provides an image of the coat of arms of the city of Ufa and a surcharge of the new denomination of 120 rubles and inscription “450 Years”; the margins of the souvenir sheet feature the coat of arms of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the map of the Russian Federation.

Design Artist: A. Moskovets; Design: M. Miloradova.
Face value: 120 rubles.
Souvenir sheet size: 90×60 mm, stamp size in the souvenir sheet: 30×42 mm.
Quantity: 7.5 thousand items.

In addition to the issue of the postage stamp and the overprint on the souvenir sheet, JSC Marka produced First Day Covers and special cancels for Moscow and Ufa.

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