On March 27, ten postage stamps dedicated to professions of staffers of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation were put into postal circulation

The Russian National Guard is a federal executive authority responsible for the development and implementation of state policy and statutory regulation in the field of the state and public security, protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, arms circulation, private security activities and extra-departmental protection.

The National Guard troops are a Russian military organization intended to maintain state and public security as well as to ensure human and civil rights and freedoms.

The National Guard troops are entrusted with the following tasks: maintaining of public order, ensuring public security; close protection of major state facilities, special cargoes and buildings; combating terrorism and extremism; ensuring emergency situation regime, martial law situation, legal regime of counter-terrorist operation; territorial defense of the Russian Federation; assistance to border authorities of the Federal Security Service in protecting the state border of the Russian Federation; control over compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of arms trafficking and private security activities; ensuring security of fuel and energy facilities; protection of particularly important and sensitive facilities; protection of property of physical and legal entities under contracts; ensuring security of top officials.

The postage stamps present military units of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation:

— aviation and artillery units;
— extra-departmental security service;
— military units for the protection of critical state facilities and special cargoes;
— engineer service;
— canine service;
— naval military units and subdivisions;
— licensing service units;
— riot police forces;
— special operations forces;
— special motorized military units.

In addition to the issue of the postage stamps, JSC Marka produced First Day Covers and special cancels for Moscow and Kaliningrad.

Design Artists: M. Podobed, S. Kapranov, S. Ulyanovsky.
Face value: 67 rubles.
Stamp size: 37×37 mm, sheet size: 141×183 mm.
Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins with (3×4) 10 stamps and 2 coupons.
Quantity: 20 thousand each stamp (20 thousand sheets).

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