On November 15, a ceremony took place of special cancellation of postage stamps dedicated to a bridge over the Moscow Canal and a bridge named after composer Sergei Rachmaninoff in the Architectural Structures series

The event was held within the framework of the Transport of Russia International Forum-Exhibition. The cancellation ceremony was attended by Marat Khusnullin, a Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation; Vyacheslav Petushenko, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Highways State Company; and Artem Adibekov, the Director General of Joint-Stock Company Marka.

The postage stamps provide images of the bridge over the Moscow Canal in the Moscow Region and the Composer Rachmaninoff Bridge in the Novgorod Region.

The face value of the postage stamps is 45 rubles; the Print Run is 120 thousand each stamp. The design is by Artist Ivan Ulyanovsky.

On October 13, 2023, the postage stamps were put into postal circulation in the Architectural Structures series and went on sale in post offices throughout the country and the Collectioner show room chain.

Traditionally, issues of the state valuable postal matter are timed to landmark historical dates and events, or are dedicated to celebrated personalities, major backbone enterprises of the Russian economy, state-run and public organizations.

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