On December 9, an official ceremony took place of special cancellation of postage stamps dedicated to Heroes of the Russian Federation, participants in the special military operation

The ceremony was held in the Victory Museum at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow. The event was attended by Alexander Khinstein, the Chairman of the State Duma Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, a coordinator of the Historical Memory federal Party project; Vladimir Medinsky, an Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Russian Military Historical Society; Sergei Novikov, the Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects; Sergei Kravtsov, the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation; Colonel General Igor Ilyash, the Deputy Director of the National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation – of the Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation; and Lieutenant General Yuri Kuznetsov, the Chief of the 8th Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

During the ceremony, ten stamps were presented devoted to servicemen who had been participants in the special military operation and were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously):

Tamerlan Ilgamov (1994-2022), a Missile Combat Crew Commander of a Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile System Regimen, Guards Warrant Officer.

Damir Islamov (1996-2022), the Tank Platoon Commander, Guards Senior Lieutenant.

Vasily Kleshchenko (1976-2022), a Deputy Chief of the 344th State Center for Combat Use and Re-Training of Flight Personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Colonel.

Maksim Kontsov (1988-2022), the Chief Reconnaissance Officer of the Russian Federal National Guard Troops Service battalion, Lieutenant.

Roman Kutuzov (1969-2022), a Deputy Commander of the 8th Guards Combined Arms Army, Lieutenant-General.

Aimir Miyagashev (1995-2022), a Senior Reconnaissance Radio Operator of a Special Operations Group, Guard Corporal.

Dmitry Semyonov (1989-2022), the Chief of Staff of a Special Operations Brigade, Guards Major.

Aleksandr Starchkov (2000-2022), a Driver of a Special Operations Brigade, Guards Common Soldier.

Adam Khamkhoev (1991-2022), the Commander of an Air Assault Company of the Russian Airborne Troops, Guards Captain.

Oleg Shipitsin (1974-2022), a Serviceman of a Naval Infantry Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, Guards Senior Seaman.

The postage stamps feature the portraits of the Heroes of the Russian Federation, battle scenes and the Gold Star Medal. The Print Run is 70 thousand each stamp. The Artists are Vladimir Beltyukov, Maksim Podobed, and Roman Komsa.

Starting from 2012, JSC Marka has been annually issuing postage stamps in the Heroes of the Russian Federation series as a tribute and a token of thanks to Russian soldiers and officers for the accomplished feats. The common features of all those whom the issues of this series are devoted to are great courage, honor, a sense of duty and endless bravery, which forced them to perform a feat in the name of their people and Motherland. Great deeds of the Heroes of the Russian Federation will forever remain in the memory of their relatives, comrades-in-arms and friends, and will be inscribed in the history of philately of the Russian Federation.

Today the postage stamps were put into postal circulation and went on sale in post offices throughout the country and the Collectioner show room chain.

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