On December 1, a postcard with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the 100th Birth Anniversary of Vsevolod Bobrov, a football and hockey player, an Honored coach of the USSR, was put into postal circulation

Vsevolod Bobrov (1922-1979) was a Soviet captain of football and hockey teams, awarded with the Order of Lenin. In USSR championships from 1947 to 1957, he played for the CDKA, in 1950-1953, for the Air Force of the Ministry of Defense; in the first two seasons, he was simultaneously a playing coach. He was the only athlete in history who played in both Summer (1952) and Winter (1956) Olympics, where he played 130 games and delivered 254 pucks as the captain of the national team. Besides, he played 25 games at the World Championships, European Championships and the Olympics, having scored 34 goals. In 1956, Vsevolod Bobrov was the captain of the Russian Olympic hockey team, which won gold medals.

Vsevolod Bobrov was born on December 1, 1922, in Morshansk of the Tambov Province. In August of 1942, he entered the Omsk Intendant School, which he successfully finished in late 1943.

In 1944, Bobrov got into the Central Red Army House (CDKA) club, where he played 79 football matches, in which he scored 82 goals.

From 1950 to 1952, Bobrov played in the Air Force football club, and in 1953, he played 4 games in the Moscow Spartak team. After that, numerous injuries forced Bobrov to finish his career of a football player and focus on hockey. Bobrov made his debut on December 29, 1946, in hockey CDKA team in a game against the Air Force of the Moscow Military Command, where he notched a hatty and helped his team to win with a score of 5:3. Having won two USSR Championships with the CDKA (in 1948, he was the top sharpshooter of the Championship with 52 goals), in 1949, Bobrov was invited by Vasily Stalin to join the Air Force team. Bobrov stood at the origins of the Soviet ice hockey team, with which he won the first World Champion title in 1954, when he became the best forward of the tournament. After the Air Force club had broken up in 1953, Bobrov returned to his home Army club, which at that time, was named CDSA. He played there until 1957, and after that he finished his player career. Soon Bobrov took up coaching, working in both hockey and football teams, where he continuing to gain success.

The commemorative stamp provides a portrait of Vsevolod Bobrov; the main image features an illustration for the World and European Championship in Stockholm in 1954.

In addition to the issue of the postcard with a commemorative stamp, JSC Marka produced special cancels for Moscow, Novosibirsk and Tambov.

Artist: E. Malina; Design: M. Korneeva.
Quantity: 8.5 thousand postcards.

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