On November 22, a stamp dedicated to swimming was put into postal circulation in the Sports series

Sports are types of sports activities that were historically formed in the course of their development as independent components. Currently, there are about 200 sports in the world.

Swimming is a sport or an athletic discipline that involves swimming for various distances in the shortest possible time.

According to the classification of the International Olympic Committee, swimming as a sport includes: swimming proper, water polo, springboard diving and artistic swimming. In 1896, swimming was put into the program of the first Olympic Games.

Main types of swimming are freestyle; backstroke; breaststroke; and butterfly.

In Russia, according to the Constitution of the International Swimming Federation, the exclusive right to organize and conduct all-Russian and international swimming competitions, open water swimming, and master swimming in the Russian Federation belongs to the Russian Swimming Federation (RSF).

The postage stamp features a butterfly swimmer.

In addition to the issue of the postage stamp, JSC Marka produced First Day Covers and special cancels for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, Sevastopol, and Tambov, and a maxi-card.

Design Artist: S. Kapranov.
Face value: 30 rubles.
Stamp size: 65×32.5 mm, sheet size: 150×156 mm.
Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins with 8 (2×4) stamps.
Quantity: 80 thousand stamps (10 thousand sheets).

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