On October 27, a postcard with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the 150th Birth Anniversary of Boris Zvorykin, artist, was put into postal circulation

Boris Zvorykin (1872-1942) was a Russian artist, graphic-ornamentalist, icon painter, and translator. He was born on September 19 (October 1), 1872, in Moscow. He studied at the 3rd Moscow Gymnasium and the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1898, the first books with his illustrations were issued. The artist worked a lot for the publishing houses of I. Sytin, A. Mamontov, I. Knebel, A. Marx, and A. Levenson.

Boris Zvorykin became one of the most famous authors of drawings of postcards for Christmas, New Year, Butter week, and Easter. He was involved in the design of handbills, gala dinner menus, and greeting addresses. Zvorykin is also well-known as the author of artistic postcards who painted a series of watercolors themed Troubled Times, The Invasion of Napoleon in 1812, Russian Children, Proverbs, Russian Temples, Russian Epics, Hunting and others.

The most renowned artworks by Boris Zvorykin are illustrations for A. Pushkin's book Boris Godunov, and illustrations for the collection of fairy tales The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales: The Snow Maiden, Vasilisa the Beautiful, Marya Morevna and The Firebird.

The commemorative stamp provides a portrait of Boris Zvorykin; the main illustration features illustrations by B. Zvorykin for The Tale of the Grey Wolf, the cover of the 1912 calendar, the cover of the book The Tale of the Golden Cockerel, and the Christ is Risen! postcard, as well as the artist's working tools.

In addition to the issue of the postcard with a commemorative stamp, JSC Marka produced a special cancel for Moscow.

Design Artists: E Malina and I. Ulyanovsky.
Quantity: 4 thousand postcards.

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