Let us announce the final voting for the best sketch of a New Year postage stamp

The finalists of the All-Russian Drawing Competition of a New Year postage stamp have been determined. We invite you to take part in voting for the pre-selected works and determine the winner of the competition.

Based on the drawings of the competition winners, JSC Marka will issue a New Year postage stamp and unstamped postcards that will go on sale in post offices and the Collectioner show room chain throughout the country.

The jury consisted of professional artists, graphic artists and designers, members of the Union of Artists of Russia. In total, the organizers received 308 competitive artworks made in a variety of techniques: graphic design, watercolor and oil painting, pencil drawing, etc.

The competition was held from August 22 through September 25 by JSC Marka with support from the Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia All-Russian Art Association and the Union of Philatelists of Russia. The operator of the contest, authorized to accept and process competition applications, is the ArtContract information and exhibition agency, www.artcontract.ru.

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