On September 30, an official ceremony took place of special cancellation of a postcard with a commemorative stamp dedicated to Army General Andrey Khrulev

The event was attended by Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation; Artem Adibekov, the Director General of JSC Marka; and Irina Khruleva, a granddaughter of Army General Andrey Khrulev, an Associate Professor of the Department of History at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Army General Andrey Khrulev (1892-1962) was a Soviet military leader and statesman, a specialist in the military logistics, the Head of the Logistics System of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1941–1951). During the October Revolution of 1917, he took part in the storming of the Winter Palace and in the suppression of the Kerensky-Krasnov revolt. During the Civil War, he participated in the military actions against the armies of Generals A. Denikin and P. Wrangel, and in the Soviet-Polish War. During the Great Patriotic War, Andrey Khrulev held the positions of a Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR – the Head of the Main Directorate of Logistics of the Red Army, the People's Commissar of Railroads of the USSR. While in these positions, he put in a lot of effort to establish an uninterrupted supply of the Red Army with everything necessary under wartime emergency conditions. He skillfully built relationships with representatives of the government and leaders of the military-economic complex of the Soviet state.

After the Great Patriotic War, he worked as the Commander of Support of the Armed Forces of the USSR – the Deputy Minister of the Armed Forces of the USSR. In 1951, he was on detached duty in the national economy. For several years, he held leading positions in industry. In 1958, Andrey Khrulev was appointed a Military Inspector - an Advisor to the Group of General Inspectors of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and remained in this position until the end of his life. He was awarded two Orders of Lenin (1940, 1945), four Orders of the Red Banner (1923, 1930, 1944, 1947) and other awards.

The commemorative stamp provides images of warriors of different times; the main illustration provides a portrait of Andrey Khrulev against the background of the Military Academy of Logistical Support named after Army General A.V. Khrulev. The Print Run is 5.5 thousand postcards.

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