On September 6, a postal block dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Chechen Republic was put into postal circulation

The Chechen Autonomous District was formed on November 30, 1922, from the Chechen National District of the Mountain ASSR. Since October 17, 1924, the Chechen Autonomous District was part of the North Caucasian Region. On January 15, 1934, the Chechen Autonomous District was merged with the Ingush Autonomous District into the uniform Chechen-Ingush Autonomous District as a part of the North Caucasian Region. Since January 9, 1993, the Chechen Republic has been a sub-federal entity of the Russian Federation.

It is located in the eastern part of the North Caucasus, makes part of the North Caucasian Federal District and enters into the North Caucasian Economic Region. The population of the Chechen Republic is more than 1.5 million people; the capital is the city of Grozny.

The main priorities in the development of the agro-industrial complex are livestock farming, crop production, fruit and vine growing, storage and processing of agricultural products, as well as restoration, development of water resources and improvement of land for agricultural purposes.

The region has many significant cultural heritage sites, as well as natural, historical and ethnographic monuments. The architectural complexes of the Chechen Republic are masterpieces of local folk architecture and the most outstanding examples of Nakh construction.

For today, all directions in the Chechen Republic have been developed: there is a positive trend in the socioeconomic situation; tourism, transport infrastructure, science, education and culture expand.

The postal block depicts significant cultural and industrial facilities of the Chechen Republic.

In addition to the issue of the postal block, JSC Marka produced First Day Covers and special cancels for Moscow and Grozny.

Design Artist: I. Ulyanovsky.
Face value: 100 rubles.
Block size: 135×88 mm, stamp size in the block (diam): 32.5 mm.
Quantity: 23 thousand blocks.

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