On August 29, a stamp dedicated to the 450th Anniversary of the Battle of Molodi was put into postal circulation

The battle of Molodi was a military battle that took place between July 29 and August 2, 1572, in the territory that currently is within the boundaries of the city of Chekhov of the Moscow Region. The battle was fought between the Russian troops led by Princes Mikhail Vorotynsky and Dmitry Khvorostinin and the army of Crimean Khan Devlet I Giray.

Despite having more than twice the numerical superiority, the 40,000-strong Crimean army was put to flight and almost completely smashed. The Battle of Molodi is comparable in importance to the Kulikovo and other key battles in the Russian history. The victory in the battle allowed Russia to maintain its independence and became a turning point in the confrontation between the Moscow state and the Crimean Khanate, which gave up its claims to the Kazan and Astrakhan khanates and henceforth lost much of its power.

The Law of the Moscow Region On holidays and anniversaries of the Moscow region set a commemorative date – the Day of the Battle of Molodi (1572), to be celebrated on the last Saturday of July.

The postage stamp provides a portrait of Prince Mikhail Vorotynsky, Russian army, a siege vehicle mobile field fortification and a cartouche from military munition.

In addition to the issue of the postage stamp, JSC Marka produced First Day Covers and a special cancel for Moscow.

Design Artist: V. Beltyukov.
Face value: 60 rubles.
Stamp size: 50×37 mm, sheet size: 176×179 mm.
Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins with 12 (3×4) stamps.
Quantity: 120 thousand stamps (10 thousand sheets).

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