On August 12, a stamp dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of Nizhny Tagil was put into postal circulation

Nizhny Tagil is the second largest city in the Sverdlovsk Region, the major industrial center of the Urals. It was founded by Tula industrialists Nikita and Akinfy Demidovs. October 8, 1722, the day of commissioning of the Vyisky copper plant, became the birthday of the Nizhniy Tagil mining settlement. Three years later, an iron foundry and iron works were built.

It was in Nizhny Tagil that a steam locomotive invented by father and son Cherepanovs was launched for the first time in Russia. By the middle of the 19th century, many buildings were built in the city that later on became architectural monuments, including the complex of the Works Administration of the Nizhny Tagil District, where Nizhny Tagil museum-reserve Mining and Metallurgical Ural is located.

The intensive development in the 1930s was caused by the tasks of building a new coal and metallurgical base. By 1941, along with mining and metallurgical production, the city had large-scale machine building and chemical industries. During the Great Patriotic War, the city made a significant contribution to the victory. The townspeople produced thousands of tons of metal and the famous T-34 tanks.

On February 1, 1971, the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR awarded Nizhny Tagil the Order of Red Banner of Labor "for the successes achieved by the working people of the city in carrying out the five-year plan for the development of industrial production, particularly in iron and steel manufacturing and mechanical engineering”.

For today, Nizhny Tagil carries on strengthening of the defense and industrial power of Russia. The products of Uralvagonzavod, Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant and Uralkhimplast are known worldwide.

Currently, Nizhny Tagil is not only a megalopolis with powerful industry, but also a major commercial, sports and cultural center. In 2020, the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation awarded Nizhny Tagil the honorary title of the Russian Federation City of Labor Valor for significant contribution of the citizens to achieving the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, ensuring uninterrupted production of military and civilian products at industrial enterprises, manifested mass heroism and dedication to the city.

The postage stamp features images of the Nizhny Tagil attractions: Lisya Hill with Watchtower, a monument to E. Cherepanov and M. Cherepanov, the designers of the first steam locomotive in Russia; the background shows the Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater, the Nizhny Tagil State Circus and industrial landscape.

In addition to the issue of the postage stamp, JSC Marka produced First Day Covers and special cancels for Moscow and Nizhny Tagil of Sverdlovsk Region.

Design Artist: I. Ulyanovsky.
Face value: 50 rubles.
Stamp size: 42×30 mm, sheet size: 146×176 mm.
Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins with 15 (3×5) stamps.
Quantity: 135 thousand stamps (9 thousand sheets).

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