On June 7, a presentation took place of the postage block, dedicated to the 350th Birth Anniversary of Peter I, statesman

The event was held in the State Historical Museum in the framework of a meeting of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and celebration of the 350th Birth Anniversary of Peter I. The presentation was attended by Tatiana Golikova, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and Olga Lyubimova, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Peter Romanov (1672-1725) was an outstanding statesman, the first Emperor of All the Russia (since 1721). He was acclaimed for reign at an early age, and started self-governing reign at the age of 17 in 1689. Peter I made a great contribution to the development of national science, education and culture: many educational institutions were opened for different social categories, active book publishing was initiated, and relations with European scientists were expanded. The chief military transformations consisted in the creation of an efficient regular army and powerful navy, which allowed Russia to become a mighty Empire and led to significant territorial extension of the country.

Emperor Peter I is considered a talented military leader, a great reformer, diplomat and lawmaker, who defined the main development guidelines for Russia in the 18th century. The reforms implemented by Peter I resulted in the growth of the mighty power of the Russian state and enhancement of its economic potential and military superiority throughout the world.
The postal block features painting Peter I by V. Serov (1907, State Tretyakov Gallery).

The postage block will be put into postal circulation on June 9 in the quantity of 35,000 items.

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