On May 19, a postcard with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the Saratov Order of Zhukov Red Banner Military Institute of the National Guard was put into postal circulation in the History of the Law Enforcement Forces of Russia series

The Saratov Order of Zhukov Red Banner Military Institute traces its history back to May 19, 1932, from the 4th School of the Border Guard and OGPU troops. The first graduation of commanders took place in 1934. In 1937, the School was reorganized into a college; in 1973, the college became a higher college and in 1997, it was reorganized into a Military Institute.

Over the period of its work, the School has trained more than 40,000 officers, many of whom heroically fought in battles with Japanese samurai at Lake Hasan and the Khalkhin Gol River; in January of 1940, in the war with the White Finnish Army; and with German Nazi troops during the Great Patriotic War. Many graduates of the School were awarded orders and medals for courage and bravery, three persons became Heroes of Socialist Labor. In 1947-1949, officers and cadets of the School participated in military operations against nationalist formations in Western Ukraine, the Baltic States and the North Caucasus. Many of the graduates and some of the staff participated in combat operations in the Republic of Afghanistan. In 1980, the personnel of the School performed a special task of the Government and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of ensuring public order at the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow.

By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 6, 1982, the School was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for its merits in training qualified personnel for internal troops. The decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 22, 2017, awarded the Military Institute with the Order of Zhukov.

The postcard provides images of officers, the colors and the insignia of the Federal Guard Service on the commemorative stamp; and the building and the emblem of the Institute on the main illustration.

In addition to the issue of the postcard with a commemorative stamp, JSC Marka produced special cancels for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saratov.

Design Artists: S. Ulyanovsky, S. Kapranov.
Quantity: 6 thousand postcards.

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