Postage stamps of the Fauna of Russia series with songbirds acquired the augmented reality

Postage stamps featuring songbirds (a black-headed bunting, a golden-crested kinglet, a jay and a robin) were put into postal circulation on January, 27. When the smartphone camera is pointed at stamps via the mARka mobile application, the images of the birds “come to life” and you can hear every bird singing.

The augmented reality technology for postage stamps and blocks is available through the free mARka mobile application, which can be downloaded from the App Store 
and Google Play. The application contains a library of stamps that use this technology.

The use of up-to-date visual technologies of augmented reality makes it possible to break the restraints of the habitual perception of stamps and blocks as valuable postal matter and expand their consumer appeal. Such stamps and blocks can open an unlimited access to the world of information and entertainment for collectors and all users of postal services.

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