On October 18, an official ceremony took place of special cancellation of an illustrated stamped envelope dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of TV broadcasting in Russia

The event was attended by Viktor Goreglyad, the Deputy General Director, the Director of the Radio Broadcasting and Radio Communication Department of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network Federal State Unitary Enterprise; and Artyom Adibekov, the Director General of Joint-Stock Company Marka.

The Russian TV broadcast history dates back to 1931, when the All-Union Committee for Radio Broadcasting was instituted at the People's Commissariat of Posts and Telegraphs; it became the first TV and Radio broadcasting company in Russia. On October 1, 1931, the Committee launched the first MF waves TV channel in the USSR: Television named after Gorky. At that time, television broadcast was arranged for 30 minutes daily strictly after midnight, when radio broadcasting was over. Programs of optical-mechanical television were received in many cities. Over the years, television has been permanently advancing and improving. Today, every person anywhere in Russia can make a choice from dozens of channels to watch a program meeting his/her interests, and owing to the professional composition of the television personnel, television programs daily go on air.

The illustrated stamped envelope features a map of the Russian Federation, the Ostankino TV tower and a space satellite. The print run is 2 million items.

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