On April 28, a postal block dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Avenue was put into circulation

The Bolshoi Moscow State Circus was opened on April 30, 1971. The building, designed by architect Ya. B. Belopolsky, is a tent glazed around the entire circumference with a folded dome with a height of 26 m. The auditorium is designed for 3,300 seats. The circus has five fast — changing arenas-equestrian, ice, water, illusion and light, which allow you to use a variety of numbers in one performance.

Over 50 seasons, the Bolshoi Moscow State Circus has hosted more than 20,000 performances, which were attended by over 67 million viewers. Almost all the stars of the world and domestic circus took part in its programs — Vera and Yuri Durov, Walter and Mstislav Zapashny, Yuri Kuklachev, Emil Kio, Yuri Nikulin and Mikhail Shuidin, Oleg Popov, Mikhail Rumyantsev (Pencil) and many others.

Today, the circus employs more than 500 people — acrobats, gymnasts, clowns, trainers, musicians, directors, choreographers, artists, technical and administrative staff. About 100 animals are involved in the performances.

The post block depicts the building of the Great Moscow State Circus, artists performing in various circus genres, and animals.

In addition to the issue of the postal block, the envelopes of the first day were issued and a special stamp was made for Moscow, as well as an artistic cover, inside — a postal block and a vignette.

Artist-designer: A. Moskovets.
Nominal value: 100 p.
Block size: 122×98 mm; stamp size per block: 65×32.5 mm.
Circulation: 27 thousand.

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