JSC Marka has been awarded a Certificate of Merit of the Russian Geographical Society

President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu has awarded JSC Marka with a Certificate of Merit for a significant contribution to the activities of the Society.

The publication of state valuable postal matter is aimed at promotion of Russian culture, preservation and accruement of the geographical, historical and cultural heritage of Russia, and patriotic education of citizens. Owing to the active and close cooperation with specialists from the Russian Geographical Society, more than 50 postage stamps, blocks, artistic stamped envelopes and postcards dedicated to the major events and achievements of Russian geography, globally famous natural sites and outstanding scientists of the Russian Geographical Society have been put into postal circulation. The total print run of the released products amounted to more than 20 million items.

In 2017, sets of stamped postcards were issued featuring the main awards of the Russian Geographical Society and of the peoples of Russia. In 2019–2020, artistic stamps and blocks dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica and the 250th Birth Anniversary of outstanding navigator Ivan F. Krusenstern were put into postal circulation.

JSC Marka in association with the Russian Geographical Society issued art illustrated albums The Arctic and Antarctic on postage stamps and Natural heritage of Russia, which comprise thematic collections of postage stamps and brief descriptions of world discoveries and scientific researches, unique natural sites and nature reserves on the territory of Russia.

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