On December 5, an official ceremony took place of special cancellation of a New Year stamp and a signing session of the drawing competition winners

The Kollektsioner (Collector) salon in Moscow has taken a decision of the results of the All-Russian Competition of Drawings for a New Year Stamp and a postcard. The event was attended by Artyom Adibekov, the Director General of JSC Marka; Ekaterina Borovskaya, a member of the board of directors of the Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists and competition winners.

The salon put on a show the drawings of the participants. The display offered more than a hundred of original pictures executed in such art techniques as graphic design, small edition graphics (linocut printing, etching, lithograph), water colors, pencil drawings. Competition winners Natalia Shomovskaya, Victoria Vatolina, Anna Smirnova and Elena Onufrienko held a singing session for all interested people.

From August 15 until October 15, JSC Marka and the Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia with the assistance of the Federal Communications Agency held a competition of a New Year Greetings postcard. Professional and young artists from all the regions of Russia made more than 1,500 applications with up-to-date New Year and Christmas subjects. Reputable judges selected 10 best sketches in the Author’s postcard nominated category, which made the basis for unstamped postcards issued by JSC Marka in an edition of 1,000 copies each.

“A greeting card is an indispensable attribute of a New Year’s festivities. It is a personal congratulation, which along with cordial words, creates the mood and a remarkable atmosphere. I am sure that the emission of author's cards will become a good tradition of cooperation between JSC Marka and the Union of Artists of Russia and we will resume the practice of congratulations with postcards”, emphasized Artyom Adibekov, the Director General of JSC Marka.


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