JSC Marka issued a souvenir album devoted to the Arctic and Antarctic Regions

A unique souvenir album entitled The Arctic and Antarctic Regions on Stamps has become available for sale in Kollektsioner (Collector) salons. The album contains thematic stamps produced over the years of 2003-2019 set against the background of photos showing the nature of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions, expedition activities, ice breakers and drifting stations. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Russian Geographical Society.

The Arctic and Antarctic Regions are territories, which differ in climate, flora, fauna, the degree of being familiar for humans and many others. However, there are also similarities: low temperature and vast area covered with ice and snow. Despite all the complexities of presence in the Arctic or Antarctic Region, people go forward with the development of these Polar Regions under conditions of ever frozen ground. The album provides the information about world discoveries and scientific studies, advancement of process engineering, study of the natural resources and animal life in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions. It also tells us about outstanding scientists who undertook long trips and covered thousands of kilometers to show us the life in the most hard-to-reach and beautiful environment.

The cost of the souvenir album is 3,000 rubles. Limited edition is 500 items. The album size is 52 pages.

The souvenir album is sure to become an elegant gift for collectors in Russia and elsewhere.

A full range of stamped and souvenir items is presented in the online shop on the www.rusmarka.ru website and in the Kollektsioner chain salons.


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