October 9, was held a solemn commemorative cancellation ceremony of stamped card devoted to the fifth all Russian scientific and technical conference «ROSINFOCOM 2019»

The event was attended by the head of Federal Communications Agency Oleg Duhovnitsky, vice-governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Knyaginin and the rector of The Bonch - Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications -Sergey Bachevsky.

The conference was dedicated to the modernization of information infrastructure for the network 5G/IMT 2020 and other perspective technologies of digital transformation regions. Special to this event was released a new state sign of postal payment - marked card with the quantity of 1500 copies which depicts the official symbols of the conference.

«The Federal Communication Agency together with JSC «Marka» annually release a variety of philatelic products, dedicated to the state and public events. I am sure, that these unique cards will forever keep the memory of today’s event and will become a philatelic rarity among the collectors», said the head of Rossvyaz.

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