On October 9, the stamps devoted to the World Post day went into postal circulation


World Post day is celebrated each year on October 9. On this day in 1874 the main international postal organization – Universal Postal Union (UPU) was founded. At the 26th UPU Congress, held in Tokyo in 1874, it was decided to celebrate this date as World Post Day.

Today,192 postal administrations which are included in the UPU form a single postal space and the largest physical network for handling and delivering about 430 billion postal items to every corner of the globe.

Symbolism to the 50th years of the World Post day is used on the postage stamp.

In addition to the emission of postage stamps JSC “Marka” issued the envelope of the First day and special postmarks for Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Design: Denovsky S.
Decoration: Kapranov S.
Face value: 23 rubs. 50 rubs.
Stamp size: 29x36,5 mm, sheet size:150x110 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins from 8 (4x2) stamps
Quantity: 1million 48 thousand stamps (131 thousand sheets) (23rubles),
540 thousand stamps (67 thousand 5 hundred sheets) (50rubles).

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