On October 9, a postage stamp devoted to the Universal Postal Union went into postal circulation

The Universal Postal Union is an interstate organization for ensuring and improving postal communications in the unified postal territory formed by the Universal Postal Union, founded on October 9, 1874. It unites almost all countries of the world, including Russia. Russia is one of the founders of the UPU.

The design of postage stamp developed by the Universal Postal Union. The logo element of the Universal Postal Union used on the main image.

In addition to the emission of postage stamp JSC “Marka” issued the envelope of the First Day Cover, the special postmarks for Moscow and artistic covers, with a stamp, vignette and the envelope of the First Day Cover cancellation for Moscow inside.

Design: Kapranov S.
Face Value: 45 rubles
Stamp size: 42×30mm, sheet size 146×175mm.
Form of issue: sheet of 15 (3x5) stamps
Quantity: 150 thousand copies (10 thousand sheets)

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