On June 20, a stamp dedicated to the Concern of Radio Engineering "Vega" was issued

Radio Engineering Concern "Vega" is an enterprise of a radio-electronic complex. The main focus of its activities is the creation of airborne, ground-based and space-based radar facilities, as well as reconnaissance and control systems.

Concern "Vega" - the oldest in Russia research institution in the field of aviation and space radar. The history of the company begins on October 1, 1944, when the parent company of the concern was created - Central Design Bureau No. 17. It was focused on the development of aircraft radar equipment. In parallel with the development of aviation observation complexes on the ground, the institute began work on creating similar space-based systems. The main line of research, which for many years has determined the fate of the institute, is associated with the creation of airborne early warning systems (DRLO). In 1978, as a result of numerous improvements in the functionality of these complexes, the A-50 early warning and control complex was created. Today, an upgraded version of the A-50U is being produced, and state tests of the prospective A-100 have begun.

The postage stamp shows the A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft and the building of the Radio Engineering Concern Vega.

In addition to the issue of a postage stamp of JSC “Marka”, the first day envelope was issued and a special cancellation stamp was made for Moscow.

Designer: A. Povarihin.
Rating: 50 r.
Brand size: 37 × 37 mm, sheet size: 131 × 131 mm.
Form release: sheets with decorated fields of 9 brands (3 × 3).
Circulation: 135 thousand marks (15 thousand sheets).

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