Innovations on guard of postage stamp protection

On June 14, the World Association for the Development of Philately in Wuhan- e (People's Republic of China) held a conference on the topic “Innovations in Philately Related to Brand Protection”.

The protection of postal arches is relevant throughout the world. Postage stamps are not only collectables, but, first of all, they serve as confirmation of payment of postal rates.

Traditionally, standard postage stamps are the most protected . However, an increase in postal rates and an increase in denominations on art postage stamps also makes them attractive for fakes and offenses. These illegal actions are detrimental not only to postal operators, but also to collectors, and the philatelic market as a whole . Therefore, the protective complex used in stamps becomes as important a characteristic as a high level of design and printing.

At the conference, presentations were demonstrated by representatives of the postal administrations of Russia , China, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, the International Federation of Philately (FIP), as well as manufacturers of protected printing products.

The Russian Federation has already created and introduced a reliable system for protecting state signs of postal payment. WITH In 2017, absolutely all state signs of the postal charge are specially protected products. By order of the Federal Communications Agency , the following requirements are established for the number of applied degrees of protection for different types of postage marks: for standard stamps - at least 5 degrees of protection; for art stamps - at least 2 degrees of protection; for marked envelopes - at least 2 degrees of protection; For marked cards - at least 1 degree of protection.

In Performan Through a nnyh g examinations by specialists of "Gosznak" and JSC "Mark" previously identified were isolated instances of the presence of counterfeit postage stamps, art marked envelopes and cards in some regions of the country . In 2018, there were no requests to identify forgeries, which indicates the successful implementation of the program for the protection of state postage stamps in Russia.   

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