In China, the General Assembly of the World Association for the Development of Philately

On June 14, the Eighteenth General Assembly of the World Association for the Development of Philately (WAFF) was held in Wuhan (People's Republic of China). The work was conducted under the guidance of the President of the WFR, Artem Adibekov, with the participation of the philately program manager and the international response coupons of the UPU International Bureau, Olfa Mokaddem.

The meeting summed up the work of the WARF in the development of philately and maintaining an ongoing dialogue on current issues between the issuing administrations. Thus, in the period from 2017 to June 2019, eight conferences, training seminars and round tables on marketing activities, new sales technologies, respect for intellectual property rights, digitalization of philately were held. During this period, 16 competitive classes have passed, the last of which takes place in Wuhan (China) from 11 to 17 June.

The Worldwide Postage Stamp Numbering System (WNS) proves to be effective: as of May 2019, it has 188 issuing administrations - members of the Universal Postal Union. The number of site users over the last year increased by 50.18%, the number of visits - by 14.4%. The WNS website contains all circulars issued by the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union regarding philately, including notifications of illegal or counterfeit issues. On the page of each country there is a link to the national online store of philately, which contributes to the development of international sales.

In the framework of the WADP work plan, a working group headed by the Russian Federation, in order to study the needs and changes in the philatelic market, among all the designated operators, a survey was conducted on the topic “Trends in the philately market and its development”. The study involved 95 countries, questions related to the organization of the issuance of postage stamps, the assessment of marketing activities and the development of distribution channels, the fight against illegal releases. You can view the survey results on the Universal Postal Union website (

WADP will continue to exchange information on all issues of philately and technological innovations, as well as carrying out activities aimed at popularizing philately and increasing sales.

Representatives of the issuing administrations of Russia, China, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Uruguay, representatives of the International Federation of Philately, and representatives of Cartor Security Printing and Petrel Security took part in the event of the World Association for the Development of Philately.

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