We offer stamped products to celebrate the Cosmonautics Day

The Kollektsioner salons offer stamped and souvenir products dedicated to the International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics.

The products include a stamped envelope; non-stamped postcards featuring space objects, a non-stamped postcard featuring stereo-vario image of Yuri Gagarin and an illustrated paperback with a vignette inside and six post cards with the original stamp of the Conquest of Space series.

On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was launched into space on Vostok-1 space vehicle from Baikonur and was the first human to orbit around the Earth. April 12 is celebrated as the International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics to commemorate the first human flight into space. This holiday is specially important for our country and all people engaged in the space industry.
The holiday was announced in Russia in 1962 by the Order of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated April 9 and was acknowledged as international in 1968.

Buy our products in Kollektsioner salon to congratulate your family and friends with the Cosmonautics Day!

Full portfolio of stamped and souvenir products is presented on the website www.rusmarka.ru and in “Kollektsioner” stretch of salons.

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