Dear customers, please note a change in the stamp issue schedule in December 2017

The release of a postage stamp dedicated to Ryasan bogatyr Evpaty Kolovrat in the “Contemporary Art of Russia” series has been rescheduled for 8 December 2017.

Postage stamps in the “Contemporary Art of Russia” series feature the works of modern artists who convey the atmosphere of modern Russia, its distinctness and dynamism, demonstrate approaches and techniques peculiar to the époque that are used for artistic painting and sculpture compositions.

The postage stamp depicts the monument to Evpaty Kolovrat by Oleg Sedov at the central square in Ryazan.

In addition to the stamp, JSC Marka is to produce a FDC and a special cancellation mark for Moscow.

Design: Kh. Betredinova.
Face value: 35 RUB.
Stamp size: 50×50 mm; size of sheet 170×120 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 6 (3х2) stamps.
Circulation: 144 thousand stamps (24 thousand sheets).

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