October 14, a cancellation ceremony was held of an envelope with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the Russian Children's Foundation

The stamp cancellation ceremony was held in the Column Hall of the House of Unions of Moscow as part of the International Congress of Child Volunteers, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Children's Fund. The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency Vladimir Shelikhov and Chairman of the Russian Children's Fund Albert Likhanov.

The Russian Children's Fund is a public charity founded on October 14, 1987. The main goals of the fund are charitable assistance to children and low-income families, organization of family orphanages. The foundation’s activities are based on the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; it cooperates with UNICEF (UN Children's Fund), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, WHO. The founder and head of the fund is Likhanov А.А., children's and youthful writer, president of the International Association of Children's Funds, director of the Research Institute.

The Foundation runs many programs to help low-income families, large families, to organize treatment, to help children's colonies both through the centre and through its branch network.

On May 5, 2003, the Russian Children's Fund received consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Foundation is a member of the International Federation of Educational Systems (FICE).

«The Federal Communications Agency and Joint-Stock Company “Marka” annually produce various philatelic products dedicated to state and public organizations. Today we issued an envelope with the original stamp with a circulation of 1 million copies depicting the logo of the fund and the drawing of the artist, Viktor Chizhikov, “Jumping rope”. The issue of this envelope will not only forever preserve the memory of today's event, but also disseminate information about the charity activities of the Russian Children's Fund», said the deputy head of Rossvyaz.

Design artist: M. Bodrova (design).
Quantity: 1 million copies.

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