October 5, a cancellation ceremony was held of a postage stamp featuring Kaliningrad Stadium in the series “FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™. Stadiums”

The cancellation ceremony was held within the framework of signing a cooperation agreement between the Federal Communications Agency and Kaliningrad Oblast Government. The participants in the event were Oleg Dukhovnitsky, Head of the Federal Communications Agency, and Anton Alikhanov, Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast.

The series of stamps “FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™. Stadiums” started in 2015 and has 12 stamps featuring all twelve stadiums of the 2018 football championship. A stamp booklet is scheduled for December 2017 to include all the stadiums.

“With the aim to maintain historical and cultural heritage of the region, we have incorporated a separate paragraph for philatelic activities into our cooperation agreement. Last June we opened a branch of showroom network in Kaliningrad. I am certain the agreement will be an additional impulse to informatisation in Kaliningrad Oblast which will provide people with high-quality and affordable communications services across the region, better alert notification in emergency situations, and philatelic partnership will attract more Russian citizens to Kaliningrad Oblast”, said Head of the Federal Communications Agency.

Design: О. Shushlebina.
Face value: 22 RUB.
Size of stamps: 65×32,5 mm, size if sheet: 154×154 мм.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 8 (2×4) stamps.
Circulation: 360,000 of each stadium (180,000sheets).

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