Works of JSC “Marka” artists are showcased at the “Moscow and Moscovites” exhibition

The “Moscow and Moscovites” exhibition dedicated to the 870th anniversary of the Russian capital took place in the Moscow office of the Union of Artists of Russia from August 31 till September 15, 2017.

Various genres of graphic art, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and design, were showcased at the exhibition. 256 artists demonstrating more than 300 works took part in the exhibition altogether including artists of JSC “Marka”.

Paintings and drawings featuring Moscow panoramas, genre paintings, portraits of Moscovites, colorful still-life paintings and landscapes are among the works present. Indoor sculptures and miniature sculptures are on display in the sculpture part of the exhibition. The design section is composed of art pottery and textile, glass and jewelry.

Artyom Adibekov. Evening at Petrovka St, oil on canvas, 100×80 mm, 2016.  

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