August 31, an official cancellation ceremony of an artistic stamped envelope featuring the drawing of the winner in the Peaceful Sky Above the Beloved Yaroslavl Oblast Contest took place

The ceremony took place at the new Collector Showroom in Yaroslavl. Vladimir Shelikhov, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency; Vitaly Tkachenko, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Yaroslavl Oblast and Margarita Gushchina, the winner of the Peaceful Sky Above the Beloved Yaroslavl Oblast Children Drawing Contest, took part in the event.

A drawing contest among children of twelve and downwards was held in May 2017, shortly before regular passenger air travel began in the Tunoshna Airport. The overarching mission of the contest is patriotic upbringing of children and the youth, as well as to promote aviation industry and profession.

Nine works made it to the contest finals. The jury, the panel of which consisted of Rossvyaz and JSC “Marka” representatives, selected the work “My town is the best in Yaroslavl Oblast” by Margarita Gushchina, 5, the winner of the contest. This drawing was used to design the artistic stamped envelope issued with a printrun of one million copies.

“It is hardly a first time a children’s drawing has been featured on stamps and envelopes. We note children show keen interest when their drawings may be featured on stamped envelopes and postcards if they win a contest, and we will try to combine children’s crafts with the issuance of state signs of postal payment”, said Mr. Shelikhov.

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