August 29, a postage stamp dedicated to the Fazu Aliyeva, a poet, is issued as part of the Cavaliers of the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called series

Fazu Gamzatovna Aliyeva (1932–2016) was an outstanding novelist and journalist, as well as a prominent public figure and a national poet of Dagestan.

Fazu Aliyeva published her first works in an Avar newspaper Bolshevik Gor, Komsomolets Dagestana newspaper and in an Avar issue of the Druzhba almanac in 1949. She joined the Union of Writers of the USSR in 1961, and was elected the chair of the Dagestan Peace Committee and of the Dagestan branch of the Soviet Peace Committee in 1971, as well as a member of the the World Peace Council.

She authored more than 80 books of poems and novels, many of which were translated into 68 languages. Her works, such as My Native Village, Spring Wind, I Hand Out the Rainbow, The Moment, By the Seaside, Fate, Springs Are Born in the Mountains, The Eighteenth Spring, The Sign of Fire, Fracture, Why Women Turn Grey, Teacher, Mountain Dog Rose, Two Peaches and many others have won a wide recognition of the readers.

Fazu Aliyeva was awarded two Badges of Honor Orders, the Order of Peoples’ Friendship, Orders of Merit for the Motherland 3rd and 4th classes, and the Order of Merit for the Republic of Dagestan, along with many foreign and civic awards and literary prizes. She was awarded the title of the national poet of Dagestan in 1969. She was awarded the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, Russian highest decoration, for her special merit to the Motherland in 2002.

The postage stamp bears a portrait of Fazu Aliyeva against the background of a desk and a badge of the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called.

Additionally, JSC “Marka” has manufactured a first day cover and a special cancellation postmark for Moscow.

Design: A. Drobyshev.
Face value: 27 RUB.
Size of stamp: 50×37 mm, size of sheet: 170×168 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins of 11 (3×4) stamps and a coupon.
Circulation: 231,000 stamps (21,000 sheets).

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