June 9, an official cancellation ceremony of aт envelope dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Belarus took place

The ceremony took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Grigory Karasin, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Oleg Dukhovnitskiy, Head of the Federal Communications Agency, took part in the event.

Diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation were established on June 25, 1992 and are formed as an allied cooperation. The legal framework of the bilateral relations is based on more than 160 interstate and intergovernmental treaties and agreements. Economic, fiscal, and monetary laws, as well as currency regulation control, are being harmonized.

Defense and security cooperation between Russia and Belarus is being strengthened. The Union State Military Doctrine was adopted in 2001; the Agreements on Joint Guarding of the Union State External Border in Air and on Common Regional Air Defense System, as well as the Treaty on Military and Technical Cooperation were signed by Russia and Belarus in 2009.

“Nowadays, Russia and Belarus are close partners in economic, political and military areas; they are also the co-founding members of the Union State, Eurasian Customs and Economic Unions. The countries maintain military cooperation as part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. The Federal Communications Agency and Joint-Stock Company “Marka” annually release various philatelic products dedicated to important state and international events. Today, we have issued an envelope with a printrun of one million copies depicting state flags of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. I am sure this envelope will become unique, a philatelic rarity among collectors of the whole world forever retaining the memory of the today’s event”, said Mr. Dukhovnitskiy.


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