June 30, an official cancellation ceremony of a postage stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Izvestia newspaper took place

The ceremony took place during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. Sergey Prikhodko, the SPIEF’17 Organizing Committee Chairman, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Chief of the Government Staff of the Russian Federation; Oleg Dukhovnitskiy, Head of the Federal Communications Agency; Olga Paskina, ZAO Natsionalnaya Media Gruppa (a closely held company) Director General; and Arseniy Oganesyan, the Izvestia newspaper Editor-in-Chief, took part in the event.

Izvestia is a national newspaper that has been issued for the whole century, since газета 1917. The first Soviet Decrees on Peace and on Land were published on its pages. Nowadays, the newspaper analyzes important state documents, covers domestic and international events, analyzes and comments on the hottest topics, as well as reviews business and economy matters, and cultural and sports events. The exclusive information the newspaper publishes won it popularity both among the elderly, middle-aged people and the youth.

The best writers, journalists and artists have worked at Izvestia. To name a few, they were Vladimir Mayakovskiy, Maxim Gorky, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Aleksandr Tvardovskiy, Konstantin Simonov, Vasily Shukshin, Valentin Rasputin, Andrei Voznesenskiy, Robert Rozhdestvenskiy and many more. Press photographers Dmitry Baltermants, Pavel Troshkin, Georgy Khomzor, and Samariy Gurariy created the unique war chronicle and are known world over.

“The history of the newspaper is inextricably intertwined with the history of our country. Each period of the past century, such as the Civil War, collectivization, the Great Patriotic War, the dawn of the space age, perestroika, and many more, was reflected in Izvestia pages. The media is going through hard times at the moment but Izvestia retains its audience and is still one of the most read and cited printed papers. The Federal Communications Agency and Joint-Stock Company “Marka” fall in with all the congratulations and have issued a postage stamp with the printrun of 192,000 copies in honor of the anniversary. It features the Izvestia logo against the background of historic issues of the paper. I am sure this product will become unique, a philatelic rarity among collector of the whole world, and will forever preserv the memory of today’s event” said Mr. Dukhovnitskiy.

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