May 30, an official cancellation ceremony of a postcard dedicated to the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society took place

The ceremony took place at the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society Center. Oleg Dukhovnitskiy, Head of the Federal Communications Agency, and Sergey Stepashin, the Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, took part in the event.

The Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society was founded in 1882 by a Decree of Emperor Alexander III and at the behest of outstanding Russian people of the time. The Society’s goals are to maintain spiritual ties between Russia and the Holy Land, to preserve cultural and historical legacy, to develop friendly relations between Russia and Middle East nations, to carry out humanitarian and educational missions in the region, to promote Orthodox pilgrimage and to support Orthodox Christianity. Since 2005, the IOPS has had a consultative status with the ECOSOC, which allows it to conduct international and human rights activities in this influential UN organ.

Grand Prince Sergei Aleksandrovich Romanov, an outstanding Russian statesman and a Moscow General-Governor, was the first chairman of the Society. Nowadays, the Society comprises more than 1,000 people embracing centuries-old Christian values. Regional and foreign branches and offices of the IOPS work both in Russia and abroad.

“As a non-governmental organization, the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society currently maintains Russia’s positions in the Middle East, strengthens multi-faceted spiritual, cultural and humanitarian ties between Russia and Middle East nations, conducts considerable research and pilgrimage activities, and carries out humanitarian missions. The Federal Communications Agency and Joint-Stock Company “Marka” have issued a stamped postcard with a printrun of 5,000 copies. It features the Society’s logo and a portrait of its first chairman”, said Mr. Dukhovnitskiy.

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